Being able to move freely in and around a building is not only essential for those with limited mobility, sight or hearing, it is also a statutory requirement for building owners under the Equality Act 2010. To satisfy these important requirements and to assist building owners and managers in fulfilling their duty, modernising existing lifts and escalators and installing new equipment where needed can achieve this.

When updating or modernising a lift to comply with the Equality Act 2010, the first place to start is the lift car and entrance, is it wide and large enough to accommodate a wheelchair? Are the lift control buttons easily accessible for someone in a wheelchair, tactile for those with sight deficiencies or audible for those with hearing problems? The same also applies to the control buttons and lift car position indicators at each landing station.

To help customers with these and several other requirements of the Act, Jackson Sales Engineers will be happy to visit your building to discuss the options for updating, modernising, replacing or supplying a new lift. None of our staff are commission-based, so you can be sure our proposals will be appropriate for your requirements.

Jackson also has a mobility specialist department that can help with:

  • Enclosed Platform Lifts
  • External Low-Rise Step Lifts
  • Internal Stair/Step Lifts

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