Scenic Lifts

In cities across the UK, scenic lifts take pride of place as part of the building’s modern architecture. As designers, installers, and modernisers of scenic lifts of many sizes and types, Jackson takes pride in adding a ‘little touch of glass’ to many of our customers’ buildings.

Jackson has a wide-ranging portfolio of work relating to scenic lifts, from shopping centres to City of London iconic buildings. There is a wide range of glazing options for scenic lifts, from just having one partially-glazed wall to virtually an entirely glass-walled lift car, apart from the panel that holds the lift car control station.

To help achieve the best visual result, Jackson will work with you and the building’s architect to achieve the exact result wanted, we can also advise on anti-reflective glass and the tints available. We can help with square, rectangular and semi-circular glazed lift cars. Scenic lifts make the ultimate style statement about your building.

Motor options for scenic lifts include:

  • Gearless MRL
  • Gearless and Geared conventional traction, motor above or below
  • Hydraulic

The lifts we design, supply and install are all fully compliant with the regulatory standards at the time of installation.

For details of the regulatory and compliance standards Jackson work towards, please see the Accreditations page on this website.