Private, Association and Social Housing

Not every residential lift Jackson maintains is situated in a premium high-rise building – in fact, far from it. Jackson’s portfolio of projects, along with lifts in-service, span all residential sectors across the entire UK.

Irrespective of the building’s status – tenants and owners alike – both need their lifts to be safe, easy to use, and with ample access for wheelchairs, prams and the shopping bags we all inevitably have to carry at some point!

Working in this sector, we fully understand the need for great customer and user communication: after all, we are often working in close proximity to the entrance of someone’s home. This could be in an authority tower block, a housing association’s property or at a premium, city centre high-rise apartment block. Additionally, engineers and call handlers will engage with residents to discuss lift status; this requires great communication skills as residents are seldom the paying customer.

In every situation, we always endeavour to keep noise levels down to a minimum, place barriers around our work areas and keep everyone informed of the lift’s status.

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