At some time, virtually all of us will travel in a lift or on an escalator, and we all want our journeys to be safe, comfortable and without incident. On the occasion when something does occur that hinders travel, we need assurance that help will be on hand in a timely manner.

However, it is not only when a problem occurs when you need a reliable partner, but also when you seek advice or commission a job or project when budget or time-sensitive deadlines are present. To support our reliability objectives, Jackson operate from eight regional offices, employing experienced service engineers and technicians who live locally in their area of work. Our approach towards locally-based employees strengthens our assurances of reliability and supports timely attendance, should a problem occur with a lift or escalator.

Our Sales Engineers and front-line managers have all had extensive experience in the industry and with Jackson, and all of our employees are fully committed to our “doing things the right way” philosophy. This philosophy, coupled with our tradition for relationship building, underpins our commitment to reliability.