Escalator & Moving Walkway Maintenance

Although less complex than high-rise or high-speed lifts, escalators and moving walkways typically transport more passengers by the hour and generally have a higher visual presence in a building. Well-thought-out maintenance plans and servicing schedules are essential to keep passengers moving and the equipment reliable.

One of the considerations that facility managers have to address when managing escalators and moving walkways is avoiding equipment maintenance downtime during operational hours. To address this need, Jackson offers an out-of-hours scheduled maintenance service as an option within our contracts. This service provides retailers and infrastructure operators the option of having the equipment maintained when the public are not present.

To help with the objective of improving equipment service life and reliability, Jackson have a range of maintenance solutions based around pre-agreed engineer visits and built on the specific needs of your business. We have various contract types from Bronze to Platinum+ which can be tailored to address the needs of your business and its equipment, enabling us to help ensure your expectations are always met. Our proven and reliable maintenance service covers all of the major international manufacturers’ escalator and moving walkway products.

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