Green Options – Lift Modernisation

Across the UK, energy consumption has become a major consideration for building owners and managers alike, at Jackson we are also looking for solutions to lower energy consumption. There is now a considerable range of energy-efficient options for lifts, which will significantly reduce the costs of lift operation.

One of the most significant of these developments is that of the regenerative drive. This utilises the gravitational force of the lift car as it descends to generate power which is then fed back into the buildings power supply to offset energy consumption and save money.

Jackson have been successfully installing regenerative drive systems for traditional traction, MRL and hydraulic lifts for several years now including both AC and DC systems. Depending on the system chosen for the regenerative drive, energy savings can range between 70% to 90%. Regenerative drives are of most value to customers with lifts that experience high levels of travel.

LED lighting is now commonplace in both the home and in commercial premises, and in many instances, also within lift cars. If your lift car(s) are not equipped with LED low-energy lighting, Jackson can help as part of a partial or larger modernisation project.

An option with some lift controllers is that of a standby feature which activates after a period of time when there have been no calls on the lift. Standby will turn off the car ventilation fan (when fitted) and the car internal lighting and displays.

Being green with oils

Jackson has been using biodegradable hydraulic pump oil for all the hydraulic lifts we maintain and for any modernisation project, we will automatically use this type of oil when modernising a hydraulic lift.

To help establish what green options are available for your lift, one of our experienced, non-commission Sales Engineers would be happy to help guide you through the various options currently available.