The number of people in commercial buildings has changed significantly since the early part of 2020 due to the pandemic. However, as we return to normality, lifts still play a vital role within commercial buildings. Importantly, to ensure journey time in a lift is as short as possible, reliability has become essential for passenger reassurance to reduce time spent in an enclosed space.

Over the past few years, there has been a drive for technology in commercial lifts; swipe cards are increasingly being used for access to lifts and subsequent travel between floors, as well as a significant focus on energy efficiency. However, it is not all about technology as visitors and employees alike can be impressed by the appearance and ride comfort of a lift or a group of lifts. Both of these features contribute significantly to enhancing the atmosphere of a building.

Across the UK, Jackson maintain, modernise and install new lifts in some of the country’s most prestigious and secure commercial buildings. We look after all types of lifts irrespective of who manufactured them, including those with closed protocol lift controllers and complex destination control systems, typical of the type found in premium high-rise office blocks.

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