Cradle Maintenance

Since our formation in 1979, we have proudly maintained an ethos of ‘if we can help, we will’. As a long-standing lift and escalator maintenance company, many of our customers are in city centres, managing both commercial and residential high-rise buildings. To help both existing and new customers that have Building Maintenance Units (BMUs), including cradles, gantries, rail systems and davits, Jackson provides a nationwide maintenance service.

Essentially, Jackson BMU maintenance is for customers who manage medium and high-rise buildings and have rooftop BMUs that are used for building maintenance and cleaning services. As with our lift and escalator maintenance, Jackson offers a range of fixed-term maintenance contracts based around the needs and regulatory requirements associated with operational BMUs.

Our maintenance service is delivered by Jackson-trained, BMU experienced engineers and strictly adheres to all relevant British Standards and regulations for working at height and on BMU systems including BS 6037, BS EN1808 and EN795.

If you are interested in how Jackson can help with your BMU maintenance requirements, please complete the brief enquiry form below and one of our experienced, non-commission Sales Engineers will get back to you to arrange a call or visit.