Lift Modernisation

Eventually every lift will need some form of modernisation, more often than not, when a lift is showing signs of wear, either in its reliability or appearance. If either is the case for your lift, now is the time to consider the options. The process can vary from a partial to a major modernisation, returning the lift into service to provide a smooth, safe and reliable experience for its passengers.

Apart from the reliability or appearance of your lift, there may be a need simply to undertake a partial modernisation to bring the lift up to current day safety standards and the Equality Act 2010. It may also be that you want to take advantage of the latest energy-efficient regenerative drive systems.


In cases where the lift appearance is letting your building down, Jackson can help with a complete lift car reline of the walls, new floor and ceiling finishes with lighting, along with a new operating panel. Alternatively, we can completely replace the lift car with an entirely new car/cabin manufactured to site-specific dimensions.

Motors/Drives & Hydraulics

Ride quality can be a significant issue when it deteriorates, this is most noticeable when the lift starts or stops. With some motors/drives, it may be possible to refurbish the motor and gearbox (if the motor has one). This may provide an economical option but will require the lift to be taken out of service whilst the refurbishment happens. An alternative is to replace the drive with a new unit, taking advantage of the latest technology available today which generally offers energy savings.

The modernisation of hydraulic lifts will often include a valve and ram seal replacement, both of which, when not performing as they should, will reduce ride quality. Replacing the hydraulic valve block can significantly improve ride quality and energy consumption.

Controls and electrical components

One of the most common modernisation upgrades to a lift is the lift controller. A lift controller replacement is a key item that can provide a considerable improvement to a lift’s performance in both ride quality and safety. Along with the controller, a modernisation can include, new lift car positioning devices, door operators and door closing safety edges, plus a range of other electrical ancillaries.

Modernisation options are vast, from a simple upgrade of the control buttons to a full modernisation. To help establish the best and most economical modernisation solution for your lift, one of our experienced, non-commission Sales Engineers would be happy to help guide you through the various options currently available.

The benefits gained from the modernisation of your lift are wide and depend upon the level of work undertaken, however, in general terms the benefits can include:

  • New, more advanced lift technology
  • Improved compliance with current day safety standards
  • More environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
  • Improved ride quality
  • Fresh, new appearance
  • More economical than new lift replacement

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