Escalator Modernisation

There are significant benefits that can be gained from updating and modernising escalators & moving walkways, particularly with regards to their performance and safety features.

As escalators and moving walkways are often set for continuous running, their reliability is a key factor in safely moving people through and around the environments in which they are installed. Bearing this in mind and taking into account improvements in drive efficiency, a drive replacement will not only improve reliability and ride comfort but also energy efficiency.

Escalator and moving walkway drives form only part of the modernisation needs of poorly performing equipment. Ride comfort and energy efficiency can also be achieved by replacing an ageing escalator controller with one of the latest computer-based systems.

Another area for consideration is that of appearance. Handrails, balustrades, skirting, decking, access covers and steps can all be upgraded whilst improving on safety at the same time.

A Jackson full escalator or moving walkway modernisation takes advantage of the equipment’s existing truss framework – only the moving parts, controls and wiring, plus all the equipment above the steps including skirting, decking, balustrades and handrails are replaced.

Escalator and Moving Walkway – the modular approach to modernisation:

Jackson will help select the best modernisation solution for your escalator and moving walkway, based on the exact needs of your equipment to help it sustain its cost-effective longevity and appearance. Our escalator and moving walkway specialists will visit your site to discuss the options for a range of modular modernisation services.

These include:

  • Performance
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Safety
  • Appearance

Benefits of a Jackson Escalator or Moving Walkway modernisation:

  • No additional building work needed
  • Refurbishment work all undertaken behind hoarding
  • Improved energy-efficient drive
  • Improved ride quality
  • Improved safety levels
  • Improved visual appearance
  • Fully compliant with EN standards