EnviroStart Motor Energy Control will reduce the running costs and maintenance of your escalators and moving walkways; it will reduce your electricity bills, improve your environment credentials and reduce your carbon footprint. EnviroStart is an electronic solid-state system using sophisticated software that constantly monitors the loading on the escalator motor and drive train ensuring that only the necessary power is applied at all times. It is a dynamic system adjusting the power continuously according to the loading. The design ensures that the motor will never stall or change speed during normal operation but will always provide the best possible energy savings.


  • Typical savings can be as much as to 40%, depending upon usage and equipment
  • Cost-effective, providing typical payback of less than 18 months
  • No change in the running speed of the escalator or travelator
  • No change to the existing safety or control circuits within the system
  • Maintenance free
  • Motor and drive train life extended
  • Operating temperatures reduced
  • Easy installation
  • Added security: phase loss, motor phase imbalance
  • Optional remote energy monitoring facility

To download the specification and energy-saving results please click this link.