Historic & Listed Buildings

The UK’s cities and towns include an array of listed buildings; those having two or more floors almost certainly include at least one lift compliant with The Equality Act 2010, ensuring accessibility to all users regardless of their mobility limitations.

An essential need for any repair or modernisation in a listed building is that the company and people undertaking the work are fully conversant with the requirements of English Heritage prior to any work being carried out. This usually requires the submission of plans and diagrams of the proposed work along with a detailed materials schedule. For some projects, English Heritage often send a surveyor to the building to check on the quality of workmanship and adherence to requirements.

Jackson have seasoned and experienced engineers who routinely undertake lift repair and modernisation work in listed buildings. All our work is overseen by Project Managers who often interact and meet with English Heritage surveyors to ensure the quality of our work is in keeping with their requirements, ensuring the preservation of the building’s history and its original features.

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