Passenger Lifts

The requirements that building owners and managers place on passenger lifts range widely from a single two-stop lift in residential homes to high-rise apartment blocks, typically located in every one of the UK’s major cities. In either of these cases and everything in between, Jackson can help.

Also, the range of environments where passenger lifts are needed is broad, from unattended lifts in car parks that need vandal resistant finishes and controls, to attendant-served lifts in premium hotels and department stores. In all instances, we believe that passengers come first, so we take care to ensure the technical specifications are carefully applied during manufacturing and installation to ensure reliability and ride comfort are always to the high standard Jackson are known for.

To ensure these high levels of reliability and ride comfort Jackson demand, we design and specify every lift that we install, effectively all Jackson lifts are bespoke to the customers’ needs and the environment in which the equipment is being used.

The range of finishes, sizes, drive types and capacities are specified with you, your architect or consultant to ensure we deliver exactly what is needed including BREEAM energy efficiency, to provide a lift or lifts that will give lasting and reliable service.

Nationally, Jackson has teams of regionally-based, experienced lift engineers and installers who undertake projects in all sectors including residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, retail, health care, infrastructure and leisure.

Jackson passenger lift solutions: 

  • Height range: 2 to 64 floors
  • Single lifts to 8-car group systems
  • Carrying capacity from 50kg to 10,000kg 
  • Low, medium and high-rise group systems conventional control technology
  • Low, medium and high-rise group systems with Hall Call Destination control technology
  • Machine Room Less (MRL) gearless traction
  • Gearless and Geared traction, conventional motor above or below
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Options for BREEAM energy-efficiency standards

Jackson also undertakes the modernisation of all types of passenger lifts, including those originally installed by major international manufacturers.

The lifts we design, supply and install are all compliant with the regulatory standards at the time of installation.

For details of the regulatory and compliance standards Jackson work towards, please see the Accreditations page on this website.

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