Lift and Escalator performance generally falls into two key elements; reliability and ride quality. Either of these key factors can leave a negative impression with passengers when not functioning properly.

In general, reliability is the most important factor alongside performance in maintaining passenger confidence. A good example of this can be shown by a faulty or broken lift door, which can significantly disrupt accessibility and the flow of traffic through a building. Another vital area in which lifts must perform correctly is in their floor levelling function. It is essential for the safety of passengers that, when arriving at each level, the floor of the lift car aligns perfectly with all landing levels in order to avoid the creation of a tripping hazard.

By far the most important component to the overall performance of any lift or escalator is the controller. As the name suggests, this element of the system controls every aspect of the lift or escalator’s function, from operating the motor/drive and for lifts, the prioritisation of stops in a multi-level sequence of lift calls. For escalators, the controller manages the safe movement of the steps and handrails.

Ride comfort is a significant contributor to the overall performance of lifts and escalators and is routinely tested on the equipment Jackson maintains. Our objective is always to ensure a safe and pleasant journey between floors. We always advise our customers of situations where ride comfort deteriorates.

Despite the overall excellent reliability of lifts, extended and frequent use (and misuse) can cause issues with performance. Whilst out-of-sight components may remain fully functional, issues with parts that passengers interface with, such as buttons, door operating mechanisms and sensors, are the most common. This is simply due to the unpredictability of heavy usage wear and tear, which these components may encounter by their users.

If you are considering a move to Jackson for lift or escalator maintenance, one of our local Sales Engineers would be happy to visit your premises to discuss the performance of your equipment.