Energy-Efficient Products

Over the past years, Jackson have been installing lifts and escalators that have provided customers with some of the latest energy-efficient options and we continue to do so, with a constant eye on new technologies.

One of the principal energy goals today is to achieve a BREEAM Credit status which starts with level 1. Jackson always work with our customers to achieve Credit status 2 for lifts, escalators and moving walkways.

Credit level 1&2 requires the lift owner to consider and, where possible, install regenerative drives. These drive types take advantage of the gravitational force of the lift car as it descends to generate power, which is then fed back into the building’s power supply to offset energy consumption and save money.

Jackson have been successfully installing regenerative drive systems for conventional traction, MRL and hydraulic lifts for several years including both AC and DC systems. Regenerative drives can provide savings ranging from 70% to 95%, depending upon the chosen system and duty of the drive. Regenerative drives are of most value to customers with lifts that travel over six floors and experience high levels of usage.

Controlling your equipment to save energy

Today’s lift and escalator controllers are providing lift and escalator owners and managers greater options for controlling how and when the equipment works. Both passenger flow and operational hours have an impact on energy consumption and the specialist teams at Jackson will help guide you through the options available for new installations of lifts and escalators.

Lift controllers:

One option is that of a standby feature, which activates after a period when there have been no calls on the lift. Standby will turn off the car ventilation fan (when fitted) and the car internal lighting and displays. When managing a group of lifts, the controller can nominate a chosen lift to remain available and switch all others to standby or off during periods when the building is sparsely populated, saving unnecessary energy consumption.

Escalator controllers:

As with lift controllers, escalator controllers can also manage how the escalator runs. The speed of the escalator can be lowered when its sensors detect ‘no passengers’ over a given time, lowering its speed and then putting it on standby. In each case, automatic escalator lighting is activated when passengers are not present.


All the lifts, escalators and moving walkways Jackson install or modernise are fitted with energy-saving lighting.