With passenger numbers at airports well into the millions pre-COVID-19, 2022 and beyond are set to be demanding for all who manage the infrastructure of transit centres. In these facilities, not only aircraft, trains and buses are involved with the transportation of people; it is also the lifts and escalators inside the buildings.

Since people traveling through airports and stations are generally concentrating on their imminent journeys, they often tend to pay little attention to the lifts, escalators or moving walkway as they move through the building’s facilities. To ensure unhindered passenger flow, lifts, escalators and moving walks always need to be operational, with high levels of passenger safety and ease of use being the standard in such environments. Moreover, few locations experience such high usage frequency and variance of passenger flow, which can range from virtually no users to thousands throughout the duration of a day, as passengers try to meet tight time frames.

Our success in this sector is demonstrated by the confidence MAG (Manchester Airport Group) operators of Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airports have in our services. For several years, Jackson have been nominated as their preferred supplier, something we are all proud of.

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