Hospital, Goods & Service Lifts

Generally, without the elegant finishes of those found in a front-of-house passenger lift, hospital, goods and service lifts play a key role in keeping people and stock moving.

The carrying capacity and size range of hospital, goods and service lifts are vast, from small bespoke dumbwaiters to lifts that move substantial, priceless museum artefacts. Most goods lifts can carry both passengers and goods, however, there are some goods lifts designed and manufactured specifically for only the movement of goods.

Typically, goods lifts found in hotels and department stores will also carry staff and goods (including laundry in hotels) in areas of the building that have restricted access, whilst heavy duty hospital bed lifts are also likely to be used by the visiting public.

Heavy duty bullion (goods) lifts in banks will often need additional security features to access the lift and the lift shaft. For smaller high street banks, unattended bullion lifts are generally the preferred option.

Unattended trolley lifts in warehouses and factories provide an effortless way to transport small goods floor-to-floor, without the need for manual handling.

In restaurants and hotels, behind the scenes small dumbwaiters are relied on for repetitively transporting hot and cold food from kitchens to serving areas.

Jackson maintains, repairs, modernises and installs a wide range of hospital, goods and service lifts used in supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, museums, hospitals and schools.

Our regionally-based, Sales Engineers will advise on the best solution for your organisation, irrespective of whether you have a maintenance, modernisation or new installation project in mind.

Types of Hospital & Goods Lifts – attended and non-attended options:

  • MRL
  • Hydraulic
  • Conventional Traction
  • Platform (low headroom and reduced pit options)

Types of Service Lifts:

  • Dumbwaiters
  • Bullion Lifts
  • Non-attended Trolley Lifts

The lifts we design, supply and install are all compliant with regulatory standards at the time of installation.

For details of the regulatory and compliance standards Jackson work towards, please see the Accreditations page on this website.