Jackson Intelligent Lift Monitoring

For businesses operating multiple lifts, being able to monitor each unit’s daily usage can be of great help, when estimating life expectancy or changing lift call priorities when individual lifts perform as part of a group. To help provide this information and data that shows changes in lift status, including deviation from their normal operation, Jackson have introduced Jackson Intelligent Lift Monitoring.

Jackson Intelligent Lift Monitoring is an upgrade to the existing Jackson remote data monitoring system that shows the real-time lift performance of a customer’s lift. It provides 24/7-365-day performance monitoring and delivers alerts to the Jackson Service Team, identifying potential problems that could affect lift performance and safety.

Entirely independent of the lift controller, this is a cloud-based remote system accessible by a website via a Local Area Network (LAN) or app. Sensors are attached to the equipment in the lift shaft and on the lift car, which continuously collect, analyse and transmit performance and safety to Jackson.

Jackson Intelligent Lift Monitoring can be installed on practically every type of lift, irrespective of the original manufacturer or its age. Retrofit is no longer a problem.

View our Jackson Intelligent Lift Monitoring brochure here.