The retail sector, particularly in the UK’s prime high streets, has experienced significant changes in the behaviour of shoppers towards online purchasing. As a result, the in-store shopping experience has to be superb; lifts and escalators play an essential part in this experience.

In multi-floor retail environments, fully operational escalators and lifts are essential for easy access to upper floor displays and stock, particularly important during sale periods. Therefore, having a maintenance provider that delivers fast, dependable and focused support is crucial to ensure that takings are not affected by equipment failure. At Jackson, we fully appreciate this need and provide a range of maintenance services designed to support the needs of retailers. Our site-specific maintenance support can include out-of-hours servicing and, in some cases, a standby engineer available for sale periods.

Jackson has experienced engineers employed throughout the UK, undertaking the maintenance, repairs, modernisation and installation of new lifts and escalators for some of the UK’s leading retailers.

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