Ajex House Stamford Hill

Project details:

  • Mobility
  • 15 New Stair Lifts

Modernisation with mobility

What options do managers of buildings have for maintaining easy access to upper floors for those with limited mobility, when there is only one lift in the building or the wing where a lift is being refurbished?

One option is to arrange for a temporary installation of a group of stair lifts; this is exactly the decision the facility managers of a sheltered accommodation scheme in North London have made for the residents of its 44 self-contained apartments. For the residents, this was just what was needed as the building provides far more than a place to live. Ajex House features a range of well-used communal facilities including gardens, laundry, lounge and snooker room, all of which would have been difficult to access during the period when the lift modernisation was taking place.

The property has two wings each containing one lift, both of which are benefitting from a full refurbishment by Jackson. We are also providing lift modernisation and a temporary mobility access solution by installing 15 new stair lifts, enabling residents to travel up or down the 15 L-shaped staircases with landings, between each wing’s floors.

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