Maughan Library

Project details:

  • Replacements for 2 Platform Lifts
  • 5-Person Scenic Lifts
  • Easy Access to 4 Floors

The Maughan Library, located on Chancery Lane in Central London, is the largest of the ten libraries connected to King’s College London (KCL). Previously serving as the Public Record Office headquarters, the Grade II listed building now houses approximately 750,000 items for the academic use of the students at King’s College London.

Jackson is a long-standing lift partner of King’s College, providing both maintenance and modernisation services at the College’s multiple locations. Within KCL’s lift portfolio are two platform lifts located inside the Maughan Library, providing two-stop, floor-to-floor access for those with limited mobility. Each of the original lifts had become unreliable due to their age and, to add an extra dimension to the problem, the original manufacturer no longer produced the necessary replacement parts. In effect, the lifts had become obsolete and in order for the college to ensure safety compliance, both lifts required replacement.

Having produced a lift performance and status report for the College, Jackson were asked to provide like-for-like replacements for each of the two platform lifts. Due to the location of the two platform lifts and the potential need for building works prior to their removal, Jackson commissioned a structural engineer to carry out an assessment of the building’s structural integrity. Following approval from the structural engineer, work commenced on the full removal and subsequent installation of the two new, five-person, scenic platform lifts.

The new platform lifts have now been installed, benefitting those members of the College’s staff who need reliable and easy access to the four floors that these two important lifts serve.

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