Vehicle Lifts

It’s not every day we install a bespoke lift to transport a car or van, however, our installation teams often undertake this work for customers that have city centre premises or locations where parking is problematic.

Generally, the vehicle lifts we install are for residential premises and move in a downwards direction, between ground floor or road level to a basement level 1 or 2 for parking. However, it’s not only residential properties where vehicle lifts can be found. Often, busy city hotels and department stores will need service vehicle access to a basement to overcome roadside parking issues. Vehicle retailers also may need a vehicle lift to move cars from the ground floor to a rooftop car part or sales floor.

Jackson has long-standing relationships with specialist heavy-duty car and goods lift manufacturers. Due to the lift car’s travel and its weight capacity, hydraulic technology is typically the chosen option.

With eight regional offices and a team of experienced non-commission-based new lift sales engineers, Jackson are well placed to help with advice and estimating the costs for a vehicle lift installation.

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