Upgrade and Modernisation

Many older lifts and escalators can be upgraded or modernised to bring them units up to current day standards of safety and reliability, without the need for complete replacement.


The answer in many cases can be a carefully designed upgrade, addressing the specific issue that is causing poor performance or conflict with legislation. 


However, it's not always the case of bolting in a new widget.


Lifts and escalators are complicated, designed for long life expectancy and unsupervised operation. So, your choice of an ideal upgrade provider will be determined by their technical knowledge, skill and experience.


As a totally independent company, Jackson can provide just that.


We have the technical knowledge and experience needed to ensure that any upgrade not only addresses the immediate needs of the equipment but, more crucially, the longer term compatibility required to avoid unnecessary future expense.



Benefits of upgrading lifts and escalators include


  • Improved energy efficient drives and equipment

  • Improved ride quality

  • Improved safety levels

  • Improved visual appearance 

  • Long term relaibility resulting in cheaper maintenance costs

  • Minimal builders and decorating work required

  • Fully compliant with EN standards


Need to discuss? - Contact our non commission sales team for further information on our modernisation and upgrade services.


We may be able to save you £1,000's in unnecessary replacement of existing equipment and disruption of the building users.

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