Gray’s Inn Road, London

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • 7-Storey Building
  • New Equipment

Lift modernisation in a live media environment

Built in the 1990s, this seven-storey building plus two basement levels, has six passenger lifts plus a fireman’s lift and a goods lift, both of which were modernised by Jackson a few years ago. The property owners and consultants were now looking for solutions to improve lift performance, add a destination control system to increase security and update parts of the lifts’ aesthetics.

Jackson major projects managers visited the site to discuss the modernisation project with our customer and their consultants. Following on from this and our submission of a detailed tender, Jackson were awarded the modernisation contract which included all new motor room equipment, removing the need for a two-tier motor room.

The decision was made to install compact high-speed, gearless drives and new fully collective lift controllers to work as a group of six lifts under a destination control system. We also undertook a full modernisation of the car and landing doors, lift shaft equipment and re-roped each of the six passenger lifts.

Most of the modernisation work was undertaken whilst the building was partly occupied and to ensure continued easy access to the floors during the modernisation period, we staggered the works schedule to ensure continuous lift availability.

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