Armadale Academy, West Lothian

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Passenger Lift

Further Lift Modernisation work for West Lothian Council

Over time, Jackson have developed great relationships with many of Scotland’s 32 Councils. Today, we are providing lift maintenance and lift modernisation services in both schools and residential properties across Scotland.

One of the recent modernisations that Jackson has won in open tendering was the modernisation of an existing lift at Armadale Academy in Armadale, West Lothian. The Academy moved into its new premises in 2009, which had been built on the same site as the 1960s school that was previously built on a redundant colliery and playing fields. The lifts installed into the then new premises were all original manufacturer model lifts that had become unreliable.

Our initial project

The lift in question was one of five and to assist with our tender submission, one of our local Sales Engineers visited the Academy to undertake a lift survey that would establish the existing status of the lift and what was needed to improve both reliability and safety for its passengers.

With the lift survey completed, we submitted a detailed tender document relating to a new energy-efficient lift controller, shaft safety devices, landing and car signalisation, car operating panels and a new voice annunciation system. Subsequently, we were very pleased to receive the contract award for the modernisation work which was completed to both programme and budget.

Further work

Following on from the success of the first lift modernisation, we were again asked to tender but this time for an additional four lifts, all of the same specifications as our first project for the Armadale Academy. Fortunately, we were again awarded the modernisation contract and undertook the works during the school summer holiday period, to avoid inconvenience to pupils, staff and visitors.

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