Improving energy efficiency hydraulic lifts

Updating older and existing hydraulic equipment to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hydraulic equipment has become a daily task across the UK for Jackson engineers when modernising passenger and light goods lifts.

There are various options for improving a hydraulic lift’s energy efficiency and reliability, which can be achieved with a hydraulic lift modernisation package that includes an integrated drive and control system.

Depending upon the extent of the hydraulic modernisation and the equipment chosen, energy efficiencies can save as much as 50% of the running costs.

At Jackson, we have local Sales Engineers covering all parts of the UK. They’re available to discuss hydraulic lift upgrades and modernisations that can improve energy efficiency and lift reliability.

For an example of our work regarding hydraulic lift improvements please click here to view how we have helped with an energy-efficient hydraulic lift modernisation

If you are considering a hydraulic lift upgrade of modernisation and would like to speak to us, please get in touch