Superdrug Newquay

Project details:

  • Modernisation
  • New Lift Controller
  • New Car Operating Panel
  • Replacement of Hydraulic Components

Lift modernisation in a High Street store

Superdrug is one of the UK’s leading Health & Beauty retailers, nearing 900 stores throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since its inception in 1964, the company has primarily focused on providing quality health, beauty and pharmaceutical products to the public. A typical example of one of Superdrug’s high street stores is the one located in Bank Street, Newquay, a bustling pedestrian area. The store occupies a three-storey building, served by a two-stop hydraulic passenger and goods lift which was showing signs of its age.

Like many of our other customers, Jackson were known to the management of Superdrug and we were asked to tender for the modernisation of the lift, which we subsequently won.

During early site preparation, asbestos was found in the area of our work which resulted in the modernisation being delayed until the asbestos was safely removed. With this completed, we carried out a full replacement of all the lift’s hydraulic components including the drive, cylinder/ram, rupture valve and tank. We also installed a new lift controller and car operating panel, replacing the outdated ones.

With the modernisation completed and the lift fully tested, it was eagerly welcomed back to service by Superdrug’s store employees. This modernisation project will deliver the reliability wanted by Superdrug and significantly extend the lifespan of the lift, ensuring its compliance with current health and safety regulations.

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