St Johns Shopping Centre, Leeds

Project details:

  • Lift Maintenance

Originally opened in the mid-1980s, the St Johns Shopping Centre in Leeds has undergone several refurbishment programmes over its 38 years of serving local customers. The most recent, being undertaken in 2020, was the major refurbishment of the Centre’s lifts to improve their reliability and appearance. 

Over time, we have developed a great working relationship with the Centre’s Management team, based on the reliability and helpfulness of our local engineers. Apart from the routine maintenance we provide, the Jackson team who look after these lifts are also responsible for responding to emergency call-outs. 

In retail centres across the UK, the services we provide are essential to ensure the lifts always function safely for the ten million people who visit the St Johns Centre and its 27 different retailers. 

Our maintenance contract is managed by the Centre’s Lift Consultants, who monitor maintenance costs and manage the competitive tendering process each time the contract comes up for renewal. Tendering focuses on costs, quality of service and reliability. In 2023, when the contract came up for renewal again, we retendered and are very proud to have retained it for the next term. 

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