Renfrewshire Council, Glasgow

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Passenger Lifts

Many of Scotland’s local authorities have been undertaking refurbishment projects on their ageing high-rise housing stock. One example of this was the decision made by Renfrewshire Council to refurbish the lifts at various high-rise tower apartment blocks throughout Renfrewshire.

Following this decision, our team working from our Glasgow offices were asked to take part in a competitive tender exercise for the refurbishment work. The work had been identified following on from condition survey reports, undertaken by the Council which highlighted some remedial works needed to improve the lifts’ reliability and operational status.

To accompany our tender submission, our local team visited various Renfrewshire Council’s tower blocks including Glencairn Court and Gallowhill Court, to undertake lift surveys to allow us to accurately forecast costs and time frames to undertake the refurbishment projects.

The projects relate to 13 multi-storey blocks in Paisley and Provost Close in Johnstone.

Subsequent to our tender submission and recommendations, Jackson were awarded the contract for the 13 lift refurbishment projects at various apartment blocks throughout Renfrewshire, with a project commencement date of May 2022. As part of the refurbishment contract, Jackson will be replacing the lift controllers along with door operating gear, landing and lift car signalisation.

To further support the local community, Jackson are employing one of the area’s unemployed residents under a modern apprenticeship scheme. We are also assisting Renfrewshire Council with a local community project.

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