Public Government Building in Bridgend

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Hydraulic Lift

Across the country, and in all major cities and most large towns, the UK Government and local Councils have offices and facilities to support people with a range of public services including employment.

One such facility located in Bridgend, Wales, a three-storey building used by visitors and employees alike, had a failing hydraulic lift that needed to be modernised to return it to its former reliable and safe working condition. In keeping with the Government’s drive towards sustainability and low carbon environmentally friendly infrastructure, the modernisation additionally needed to focus on areas of energy efficiency.

Jackson were approached by one of the Public Service Sector Body’s Consultants and asked to tender for the lift modernisation. To facilitate this, one of our Sales Engineers operating from our Cardiff offices visited the Bridgend office to undertake a lift survey, to establish the best and most viable options for the client.

With this completed along with further discussions with the Public Service Sector Body’s Consultants, we submitted a detailed tender and proposed time frames. Shortly after our submission, we were pleased to be informed that we had won the modernisation contract.

The project involved the Jackson team, operating from Cardiff, removing the failing equipment and replacing it with a new energy-efficient integrated hydraulic control and drive system, and full rewiring of the lift installation. The lift also had a full aesthetic refurbishment including all new landing and car entrances along with improvements to the lift car. The lift was completed, tested and returned to service, in line with our proposed programme dates.

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