Premier Inn, Bournemouth Central

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Passenger Lifts

Lift Modernisation at Premier Inn Bournemouth Central

Premier Inn holds the position of being the UK’s largest hotel brand, with 800 hotels serving customers across the UK. They have several hotels in Bournemouth. One of which, located close to the seafront and adjacent to the town centre, is a stylish 10-storey art deco hotel served by a triplex group of Schindler MRL passenger lifts.

As with many lift modernisation projects, although Jackson are well known to our customers, we generally still have to participate in an open tendering process prior to a contract award. In this instance, we were asked to tender for a major modernisation of three Schindler MRL lifts that had been installed some time ago and were now showing signs of unreliability.

Prior to submitting our tender, Jackson Sales Engineers operating from our Wimborne offices undertook a detailed survey of each lift, to confirm the existing status of the equipment and to assist with accurate budget costing.

After submitting our competitive tender, our Wimborne Team were awarded the contract for the modernisation of the hotel’s three passenger lifts which related to the replacement of the lift controllers that worked as a triplex group, car operating panels, shaft wiring, landing signalisation, door operators and safety equipment.

The project, due to be completed prior to the 2023 summer holiday period, is being undertaken in a fully operational hotel with Jackson engineers working in close proximity to the hotel’s guests. This is not unusual for our engineers who take great care to overcome any disruption and inconvenience to lift passengers or those who are near our working areas. During the modernisation, to ensure continuous lift availability for the hotel’s guests, we are staggering our work and limiting it to one lift at a time.

At present, Jackson engineers have completed the modernisation of two of the passenger lifts which have been fully tested and returned to service.

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