Park House, St Austell

Project details:

  • New Installation
  • New Lifts

Lift modernisation in Cornwall’s only high-rise block of flats.

Built in the late sixties for former Restormel Borough Council, Park House, St Austell is Cornwall’s only high-rise block of flats. The 11-storey block of 67 flats is the home for both private and housing association residents, many of whom have lived in Park House for several decades.

The Cornish Housing Association managing Park House, approached Jackson to establish the costs for a full replacement of the block’s two lifts. This was a result of the lifts becoming unreliable and at the end of their viable lift cycles.

Our initial task was to undertake a detailed survey of each lift to allow for accurate budget costing and issues that the Housing Association were not aware of. Apart from confirming the status of the lifts and their ancillary equipment, we also found the access to the roof top motor room to not be compliant with current standards.

From our visit, we then submitted detailed tenders, along with our proposals for the lift replacements and improvements to the motor room access. Jackson was subsequently awarded the lift replacement contract based on our budget proposals and experience in modernising and replacing lifts in occupied buildings.

Lift removal work started in the autumn of 2021, and to ensure residents always had lift availability throughout the project, we undertook the removal and subsequent installation of each of the lifts as separate jobs. However, in advance of this, we undertook the work needed to make access to the roof top motor room both safe and compliant with current standards, which required a new staircase.

Once the existing lifts were removed, our engineers installed new lift cars, motors, lift controllers, car operating panels, car and landing doors, shaft guides, wiring, car positioning and landing signalisation.

The replacement project was fully completed in the Spring of 2022, with much delight from the residents to have two new and reliable lifts available for service, an important requirement as Park House is the home for several retired residents.

With the lifts now in full service, local Jackson engineers are undertaking the routing maintenance required to always keep the lifts fully operational.

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