Marks & Spencer, Carlisle

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Passenger Lift
  • Goods Lift

In virtually all retail locations, back-of-store lifts play a vital role to ensure goods and staff can freely move to and from the sales floors. Although generally less stylish than the front-of-store passenger lifts, goods and staff lifts need the same high levels of reliability to ensure a busy department store continues to function as expected.

With over 950 department stores across the UK cities and virtually every large town, Marks & Spencer has been refurbishing many of its stores’ passenger and goods lifts. This ongoing work is being undertaken to ensure Marks & Spencer, the UK’s largest clothing
retailer, maintains its customer satisfaction levels in an ever-increasingly competitive market.

As part of our ongoing competitively tendered work for Marks & Spencer, our team operating from Newcastle were awarded the contract for the modernisation of the goods and staff lift installed at the three-storey English Street, Carlisle department store.

The project related to a major modernisation of the store’s goods lift which included a new lift controller, safety equipment, landing shutter gates and a car interior. The passenger lift was also subject to a major modernisation which included a new bottom-drive traction machine, lift controller, safety equipment, landing entrances and car door operators.

During our works, we kept one of the lifts in service to ensure the movement of goods and staff in the store.

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