4* Hotel, Southampton

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation

In the world of hospitality, everything has to be right all of the time, irrespective of day or night. For operators of premium 4* hotels, maintaining standards, particularly relating to their facilities is paramount to keeping guests happy.

Lifts are no exception, and a poorly performing lift or lifts are something a hotel’s management just does not want.

This was precisely the case for the management of a high-profile 4* Hotel in Southampton that Jackson supports with lift maintenance and modernisation services. However, in this hotel, three MRL lifts were experiencing reliability issues with their controllers and regularly generating faults.

As a result of our long-standing relationship with the Hotel Group, Jackson were asked to propose a cost-effective solution to overcome the reliability issues and extend the service life of the lifts. As part of our maintenance contract management, we maintain a detailed performance record for each of the lifts we maintain. This, combined with the knowledge gained by our local engineers, quickly allowed us to estimate the upgrades required to reinstate the reliability needed by the Hotel. These modernisations followed on from a similar project successfully completed by Jackson over the 2018/19 period.

As with previous modernisation work for the Hotel Group, our proposals for new controllers, door gear and shaft wiring were quickly approved, allowing Jackson engineers working from our Wimborne offices to commence work on the modernisation. During our works, we kept two out of the three lifts in service, to lessen any inconvenience to the Hotel’s guests and staff. 

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