Deans Community High School, Glasgow

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • Passenger Lifts

Across Scotland, the Jackson team working from our Glasgow offices have been assisting various Local Authorities with the modernisation and refurbishment of a range of lifts in schools and learning academies.

Recently, we were approached by West Lothian Council to participate in an open tendering exercise for the modernisation of Deans Community High School’s two 3-stop passenger lifts. The school provides educational services for students, adult learners and community users.

To support this request, one of our local Sales Engineers visited Deans Community High School to undertake a lift survey, to establish the extent of the modernisation and existing status of the original manufacturers’ equipment.

With the lift survey completed, we produced a detailed estimate which included new energy-efficient lift controllers, shaft safety devices, landing and car signalisation, car operating panels and new voice annunciation systems.

Works were satisfactorily completed during the school summer holiday period, to avoid inconvenience to pupils, staff and visitors.

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