Central London Heritage Building

Project details:

  • Lift Modernisation
  • 5-Stop, Disability Access Lift

As part of a wider project for Jackson, we were asked to modernise an existing five-stop, disability access lift in a Central London listed heritage building. The modernisation had to take into account the specific requirements of the Statutory guidance, Part M of The Building Regulations 2010, as well as the requirements of The Building Regulations Statutory requirements relating to Heritage Assets.

One of the areas of non-compliance and difficulty was the positioning of the landing lift call buttons, as English Heritage would not allow us to disturb the existing tiled architrave surround.

Unfortunately, when applying the Part M distance requirements for the buttons, our only practical option was to design and manufacture a floor-standing, stainless-steel encasement to bring the buttons forward from the lift architrave. Some elements of the lift entrance also could not be changed, like the stainless-steel panelling above the lift car.

Along with the other elements of the wider project for this major research University in London, Jackson successfully completed all of the work prior to the first lockdown, receiving positive approval from our client and English Heritage.

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