Platform Lift Replacement – a cost-effective option

Typically, a frequently used platform lift is likely to have a serviceable life cycle of between 10 to 15 years before any significant modernisation work is carried out. However, at this point, a modernisation or even a repair can often be thwarted, as a result of essential parts having become obsolete.

This was one of the issues relating to an external platform lift situated at Cardiff University’s Queens Building. Unfortunately, the original manufacturer no longer produced the necessary replacement parts to allow for an economical and reliable repair. An additional consideration to take into account was the age of the external platform lift and that its wiring looms were intermittently tripping an RCD in the University’s distribution board. 

As a long-standing maintenance partner of Cardiff University, Jackson was asked to assist with budget figures and a proposed time scale to replace this failing lift with a new and fully compliant external platform lift. 

Subsequent to our budget submissions, Jackson was awarded the contract for the lift replacement with site work following on shortly after. Fortunately, as the platform lift was situated at the rear of the Queens Building at a secondary entrance with no structural work needed, disruption to staff and visitors was minimal.

The new platform lift, now installed and fully operational, forms part of our maintenance portfolio for Cardiff University.