New Lifts

From a single lift to complex group projects, Jackson will provide the full 'turn key' installation including associated building and electrical work if necessary.


Our range of lifts provide excellent value for money and feature the latest energy efficient systems and UK manufactured equipment where available. 


Jackson lift basics;  


  • Height range: 2 to 30 floors

  • Simplex lifts and up to 8 car group systems

  • Carrying capacity from 50kg to 10,000kg 

  • High Rise group systems with conventional control technology

  • High Rise group systems with Hall Call Desination control technology

  • Machine Room Less (MRL) traction lifts

  • Conventional traction lifts

  • Hydraulic Lifts

  • Screw & Rack and Pinion Lifts

  • Disabled Access platforms and Step Lifts

Benefits associated with a new Jackson lift;


  • Energy efficient drives and motors

  • Long life expectancy, typically 25 years

  • Quiet operation with exceptional ride quality

  • Capable of constant operation and Ideal for 24/7 environments

  • Fully compliant with EN standards;


Each lift is designed to your requirements taking into account specification and long term value for money, including future maintenance costs.


How can we help you? - Contact our non commission sales team for further information on our new lift products and a no obligation quotation.


you may well be surprised in the value for money we can offer.

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